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Robert Hower Winds | Adelaide Hills Summer Festival of Fine Music

January 2023

'Griffiths made a real difference with his presence. His concise, nuanced gestures kept the ensemble focused on the musical line, so that every phrase knew where it was going and nothing felt disconnected.'

Review by Limelight Magazine, 28 Jan 2023.

Adelaide Wind Orchestra | Australian Stories 2

November 2019

'Conductor Bryan Griffiths had eyes and ears firmly set forwards on this occasion. Touched with an unmistakeable rhythmic punch and clarity associated with winds, AWO went that extra mile for top quality tonal finesse and shaping demanded by much classical music. 

'Fogarty’s 'Three Landscapes' didn’t frighten any horses with its clearly evocative language, its bustling first movement, rapt second and energetic third movements. And its workmanship was of a high order enabling AWO to shine and listeners to engage immediately. This was traditional wind orchestra music at its best.'


Review by The Advertiser, 24 Nov 2019.

Adelaide Wind Orchestra | Australian Stories 1

July 2016

'Griffiths appeared to have an affinity for Natalie William’s Pendulum, which is a wonderfully optimistic composition with a rich orchestration. He ensured that every musical idea sounded fresh, and the repetitive rhythmic structure was never boring. The clarinets were superb.'


'Matthew Hindson and Paul Mac’s Requiem for a City is a fabulous composition that surely has a long and bright future. Griffiths and the AWO handled the syncopated dance-like rhythms with grace and precision.'


Review by The Barefoot Review, 9 Jul 2016.

Adelaide Youth Wind Orchestra | Gala Concert

August 2014

The gala also featured the debut performances of AdYO’s newest ensemble, the Adelaide Youth Wind Orchestra conducted by the up-and-coming Bryan Griffiths. A recent graduate of the Elder Conservatorium, Griffiths proposed the establishment of the new group and navigated the tricky waters of Bernstein’s candide overture with aplomb. And Vaughan-Williams’ English Folk Song Suite was an inspired bit of programming, with its delicious tunes. The trombones in the marches were wonderful!


Review by The Advertiser, 1 Sep 2014.

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